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How I Survived 10 days in Quarantine

**Based on True Events, as told by Leslie Borrell, Carefully Founder

After almost 2 years into the pandemic, both fully vaccinated and at least one of us boosted, Covid hit our household last month. While, I knew it was a more matter of time as it spread through the city, I didn't know whether to be relieved or worried that we would now have to deal with the reality of this virus. As soon as my son started to sniffle, I was sure that he had Covid. It took us 3 rapid tests and a PCR to confirm my suspicions, and so we were now in the quarantine phase of Covid and I figured it was only a matter of time before I got struck too. While I tried to keep my distance for the first few days, this didn't go over too well with a sick 9 year old, and at the end of the day, I escaped without infection. Here's how we survived the quarantine (since the infection was pretty light, mostly thanks to our vaccines along with a little bit of luck).

Day 1: We got this…make sure to have some daily goals planned. I had to work while A was at home, so we tried to set things up for him to be a little independent. He had 3 things to do every day - 30 min of reading, 30 min of writing and 15 min of math.

Days 2-4: Too much screen time makes a cranky kid, so we put a few more rules in place to reduce the melt downs. 1 hour of screen time, then 30 minutes of break. After negotiations, we agreed to 2 hours of screen time with a 30 minute break. 

Days 5-6: Started some masked morning walks to get our days started on the right foot.

Day 7: The goals started slipping and the cabin fever was kicking in, so we had to have a screen free day to reset. We made homemade squishies and play-dough. The balance was restored.

Day 8: After our negative covid test, we went on a walk outside and got some fresh air!

Day 9: We might actually survive :) 

Day 10: Screen time all the time, I’m done

Day 11: Playdates! - Mama gets a break and kids NEED to play

Good luck to all the other people out there who are still dealing with quarantine, sickness, and much more serious effects of Covid. I know we were lucky that the hardest part of Covid was surviving 10 days of quarantine. Be well and take care of each other <3

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