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Anchor Institutions

Support and strengthen your community through a family-focused care platform.
  • Increase childcare access

  • Improve outcomes

  • Build resiliency

  • Empower families

Carefully is a platform for strengthening communities.

Unlike other childcare benefits, Carefully supports community-based care that is inclusive of all types of organizations and their members, from students to workers, volunteers, patients, teachers, refugees, and more.

By simplifying the organization, planning, and coordination of cooperative care, Carefully gives community members the time and energy to focus, be more productive, more connected, and build a stronger, more resilient and empowered community overall.

A simple way to make a difference

Providing childcare options to your local community helps build a foundation for success. Anchor institutions are in a unique position to help people in their communities who have been historically disadvantaged and are working against the odds to achieve economic mobility.


of Americans live in communities classified as child care deserts

Source: Zippier


of college students in the US are parents

Source: Institute for Women’s Policy Research


of healthcare workers experience childcare stress

Source: JAMA

Carefully Network

Building a reliable network for support

We work with businesses who care about strengthening their employees’ lives beyond the work day. Carefully helps translate that caring spirit into tangible options for affordable care, providing members with a platform for creating babysitting coops, care circles, childcare swaps, and family-friendly events.

  • Dedicated Community Support

  • 1-on-1 care date and group event organization

  • Private groups

  • Real-time notifications and messaging

  • Family-based profiles to keep important information

  • Integrated calendars and availability

  • Access to wider Carefully community

Carefully Logo

Leslie Borrell, Founder & CEO

“Carefully is taking the community spirit and care models that were vital to our lives for so many years and using technology to reimagine and reignite childcare in a way that is sustainable, affordable, and rewarding.”
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