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Local Businesses

Promote your business, expand your reach, and simplify your operations with a family-focused community hub.
  • Save time

  • Stay organized

  • Engage your customers

  • Streamline operations

Carefully is a platform for family-focused businesses.

Carefully puts families at the center of our community-based care platform. Unlike other small business platforms, Carefully connects businesses with their customers and their customers with each other, strengthening communities far beyond transactions.

By simplifying the administrative tasks involved in organizing, operating, planning, promoting, and collecting payments for events and classes, Carefully gives business owners more time to focus on building meaningful relationships with kids, families, and staff.

Focus on relationships, not transactions

Carefully transforms your ”customer base” into a meaningful, engaged community. You work hard every day building relationships within your community, supporting families and neighbors. Let Carefully amplify your impact and help your business grow. Because stronger communities lead to thriving local businesses.


higher profits for small business who prioritize technology as a core part of their strategy

Source: American Innovators


of small business owners say technology helped them find new customers (and allowed them to build strong relationships with existing)

Source: American Innovators


of consumers say businesses have a responsibility to make decisions that benefit the community

Source: Executive Alliance

Carefully Network

An easy-to-use platform to organize events and classes

We work with local businesses who care about strengthening the communities they are part of, so that everyone can thrive. Carefully helps small businesses support families who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences through flexible payment options. We know that care doesn’t stop when kids get picked up from class. Carefully gives parents more childcare options.

  • Class and event promotion, setup, booking, payments

  •  In-app payments

  • Instructor tools (daily reminders, attendance, check-in)

  • Private groups

  • Custom in-app marketing channel

  • Real-time notifications and messaging

  • Carefully employee accounts

  • Dedicated community support

What are family-focused businesses?

Carefully is building a network of local businesses who can meet the collective needs of our ever-growing communities of families and caregivers. They include businesses who are fully focused on helping parents care for their children, as well as any business with kid-friendly offerings or promotions.

The Carefully Small Business Network

Stay in touch and engaged with your customers and raise awareness for your brand and services.

Carefully is accepting applications from small businesses aligned with our mission to help families find balance between taking care of themselves, their kids, their families, and their community. We are committed to building a sharing economy that enables affordable care, rewards and incentivizes our members who are actively contributing to the community (Carefully operates on a currency of Karma Care Hours to keep the system in balance). We know that small businesses are a vital part of a thriving community and we want to give them a place within the Carefully community where they can easily expand and grow their businesses in meaningful ways.

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Leslie Borrell, Founder & CEO

“Carefully is taking the community spirit and care models that were vital to our lives for so many years and using technology to reimagine and reignite childcare in a way that is sustainable, affordable, and rewarding.”
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