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The Loneliness Epidemic and the American Parent

America has a growing concern: its citizens are lonely.


A 2023 study found that 1 out of 2 American adults are suffering from loneliness.


A national survey concluded that the epidemic runs deep in parents with a majority experiencing isolation, loneliness, and burnout from the demands of parenthood, and feeling a lack of support in fulfilling that role.

At Carefully, we understand that belonging involves feeling accepted, supported, and understood. That's why we've designed our app to help caregivers find a judgment-free, inclusive community where they can share experiences, seek advice, and form friendships that help alleviate stress and provide the emotional support they need to live a healthier family life.

The Courage to Connect: Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Help


American ideals of independence and individualism demand that we handle parenting and its challenges alone. And this concept of American independence has fostered a culture defined by two opposing forces: innovation and isolation. But to tackle the loneliness and the childcare crisis, we must embrace belonging and learn how to create community, connections, and care.


That's why at Carefully, we want to empower and encourage caregivers and parents to not only connect with their communities but also feel comfortable in reaching out and asking for help.


We understand that asking for help is an act of courage--one that requires us to be vulnerable. It is difficult, but it is important, for it is this vulnerability that helps build trust and deeper connections.  

By reaching out, we open up opportunities for meaningful interactions and support and play our part in fostering a stronger sense of belonging in our communities.


From Isolation to Inclusion: How Carefully is Redefining Community Support


Carefully is committed to creating an environment where parents and children can forge lasting connections and truly feel they belong.


That's why Carefully supports community-based care that is inclusive of all types of organizations and their members: from students to workers, volunteers, patients, teachers, refugees, and more.


We translate that caring spirit into tangible options for affordable care for everyone. Here's how you can use our platform to plan child care that suits your family and your community:


 1. Babysitting Coops

Give Care, Get Care!

Carefully allows parents to start a community babysitting co-op arrangement and share child care without any money changing hands. Instead, the care itself becomes the currency of exchange. 

2. Care Circles

Parents can search their trusted network to find care exactly when they need it.

Or they can expand their network by connecting to other parents in school, local organizations and clubs, sports teams, and more. It's easy and safe.  

3. Childcare Swaps

Modern parenting is lonely and forces parents to be more self-reliant and self-supporting.


But Carefully's childcare swaps allow families—and specifically mothers—to connect with their communities and thrive in ways they couldn’t before.

4. Family-friendly Events

It takes a village so why parent alone?

Use Carefully to stay informed and connected with other parents. Plan, organize, or simply attend family-friendly events to connect with other caregivers in your community.

 Carefully is helping parents across America build thriving communities that offer a safe space for self-expression, a network of support, and a source of joy.  

Download the Carefully app to find your safe space.

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