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Gratitude and Resilience

Gratitude for 2022: I spent the last couple of months sick along with so many others, and while I tried my best to keep going for a while, I soon realized that the only option was to let my body take the time it needed to rest and recover. As the fog is finally starting to clear in my brain, I’m grateful that I have my energy back to start the new year and for all that we were able to achieve this year.

2022 Highlights

  • We got rewarded in 2022 - We were invited to join Inaugural cohort of the City Fellowship & were one of 50 Recipients in the Google for Startups Latino Founders Fund

  • Carefully en español - We rolled out multi-language support on our platform to allow translations to any language. Carefully is now available in English, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

  • We showed Android some love - We kept plugging away at features on our Android app to make it fully featured for all our Android users. Everyone can access all the great features like city hubs, group care, playdates, enhanced profiles, social network profiles, and partner channels will be available soon!

  • We made sharing care even easier - iOS app has evolved based on feedback and usage to better support our community - Community Finder, Group Care Requests, Request from Profile, multi-language support, Partner Promos, and SMS & Email Notifications were just released to ensure you never miss an important message or request.

  • We expanded our offering from Individuals to Institutions & Employers. With the Carefully Enterprise Access, organizations now have an affordable, inclusive option to support parents in their community. Unlike other childcare benefits, Carefully supports community-based care that is inclusive of all types of organizations and employees/members, from salaried employees to hourly workers, essential workers, and even freelancers.

  • We launched with our first partner, Families First Cabarrus County and look forward to many more in 2023.

Cheers to Resilience in 2023

We are excited to start the new year with our trusted partner and literacy expert, Talia Kovacs, bringing her newest offering to support parents in creating calm, connected households through her thoughtful and insightful workshop - Raising Resilient Kids Workshop: Helping kids embrace their mistakes

  • When: Jan 10, 2023 - Sign up for the event on Carefully today!

  • What: How to equip your child with the tools to get comfortable making mistakes and develop self-reliance (and feel like a great parent in the process!). More and more, children are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply shame-filled when they do. Our kids are refusing to try, and shutting down when things feel hard. What's a parent to do? In this workshop, we rethink the term "resilience" and understand the research behind developing a child's inner resilience. We will learn and apply the Resilience-Building Framework:

    • Starting with Us

    • Creating the Conditions for Resilience

    • Developing the Habits of Mind for Resilience

    • Using the Resilience-Building Framework, parents will assess their child's current needs and come up with a concrete plan to develop more opportunities for resilience at home.

  • Join together to collaborate with other parents and see how resilience-building can positively impact the entire family structure.

  • Web Sign Up Link

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